English & German Daycare – Outdoors in Luzern

Bilingual Outdoor Daycare Luzern

Maximum 10 spaces available now for the school year 2021/22

Quality care for kids

  • In and around Lucerne CH
  • 2 qualified experienced care givers
  • Children learn English and German in a natural way
  • Children get to practise and be exposed to language through song, stories and everyday routine
  • We also speak German, French, Dutch, Spanish, Italian, Portuguese & Japanese
  • We do activities outside and are connected with nature everyday, rain or shine
  • Our program has art, crafts, cooking, and projects that support nature and our micro and macro community
  • We make plant-based meals, with as much locally sourced, Bio ingredients as possible, without added sugar
  • We support local, sustainable business partners for food, transport and activities
  • We can provide locally-sourced, bio meat meals as required for an extra cost
  • We create minimum waste by repurposing, recycling, reusing and composting as much as possible
  • We endeavor to apply sustainable business practices

Times and prices

Initial non-refundable registration fee: 300 CHF

Mondays to Fridays 07:30 – 13:30 hrs. 160 CHF per week-day. Plant-based midday meals are included.

Saturdays 11:30 – 16:30 hrs. 180 CHF per day. A plant-based midday meal is included.

Flexi-Abos to enable flexible enrollment and exit: 1 month trial. 3 month flexi-abo, 1 year premium.

Holiday care and programs are available on request.

Sibling and referral reward: 10%


To register for the school year 2021-2022 from Monday 23rd of August or ask questions, you’re welcome to contact me by email or set up a phone call: hello@diannegoodrick.com

Otherwise you can get in touch here: Contact

Why with us?


Hi! This is Madelon and Dianne! Together with you, the parents or caregivers, it’s important for us to be in tune with your child’s needs. Everyday we create a safe environment for your kids to grow:

  • High quality, healthy meals and snacks give children the energy they need;
  • Movement, play and learning in nature stimulate their cognitive development;
  • Rest and relaxation that’s in line with developmental needs enables children to process and integrate what they learn; and
  • Healthy, connection and communication gives children the tools they need to express themselves and belong to the group.


Dianne Goodrick is a linguist and language educator raising two multilingual girls in the Swiss German culture, and I would be glad to support you in helping your children to speak English like my girls do!

Mother tongue habits develop in the first 6 years of life and are possible until puberty. With my materials and methods, I support parents in giving their children the gift of a second language in the first years of life!

My daughters learned English from me while speaking Swiss and High German in their social environment. For 6.5 and 2.5 years I always spoke English with them, but they only answered in Swiss German. During a home visit to New Zealand, I activated their English language skills in a few weeks’ time. Since then, my two daughters communicate like native English speakers!


We at Nana aim to work with you as parents to:

  • Help your child make personal progress in body, mind, and spirit
  • Express the essence of her/his innate potential embedded in the larger reality they inhabit
  • Continually cultivate just and reciprocal relationships with others, communities and nature
  • Honour the interconnected and mutually influential relationship between people and the ecosystem where we live
  • Promote justice, equity, compassion and cooperation
  • Honor the uniqueness and expression of each person
  • Look to the past and the future, our elders and our youth, for wisdom in order to bridge the inter-generational gap
  • Look to uplift every person in order to create conditions for “peace and prosperity” for everyone.
  • Reward diversity, inclusivity, generosity, creativity, innovation and the fruits of our combined intelligence
  • Understand that life is iterative and ever-changing, that change is the only constant, that evolution has gotten us where we are today


For the school year 2021-2022 from Monday 23rd of August, please register by email at: hello@diannegoodrick.com

Or get in touch here: Contact or via Messenger

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