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Eröffnung – Englisch Sprachverein

My Vision:

It’s been a really long but rewarding process. 4 years of dreaming, soul searching, questioning: What do I want to do and why? It’s always been clear that language is my passion. So now I want to share English resources with families to give their children a foundation they can use to speak English more confidently, fluently and naturally later as adults. All children have a biological advantage for aural, active language learning – To learn, all they need to do is listen to and repeat back good quality examples of spoken language. Some children have this advantage already; they may have a parent who shares their native language at home. My two girls, for example, have learned English from me while growing up in German-speaking Switzerland! This organization and the content that I regularly publish here, will give our members the same native English language advantage that my girls have had.

Some children are naturally talented at learning foreign languages, but with my resources you can have the same advantage, even if neither parent speaks English natively. It would be my honor to guide your young family to speaking high quality, CEFR compliant English. A gift for life! Join now for 12 months and take advantage of my special launch offer:

My Inspiration:

It started with Japanese at girl guides, aged 11 – The characters that those girls wrote on the cast of my, then broken, arm jumped out and inspired me to learn. I wanted to know what the beautifully art-like characters meant! So I started to study Japanese and German at age 14. The amazing thing was that those charming characters and foreign words became a gateway… tools to understanding and learning that went beyond grammatical translation.

Then, while studying language in Japan for 1.5 years, it also became clear to me that the people, culture and tradition are crucial foundations for language. The people express themselves through the lens of their historical experiences values and beliefs as a culture. I learned the quiet, potent strength in humility, harmony and respect for those who can teach us, not to mention a healthy appreciation for sushi, sashimi and Japanese plum liqueur!

Language, whether our own native tongue or a foreign one, is the way we connect to others, share knowledge and have our needs or desires met. So the more languages we command, the better our ability to connect, share and achieve.

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    1. Dianne Goodrick

      Thank you for your kind comment. I hope indeed that I can help men, women and especially children to develop their natural English language learning skills.

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