A1-A2 German for expats in CH

A1-A2 German workshops

For expats - Speaking and writing skills to connect with clients & colleagues.

Included in the workshop subscription:

  • Maximum 6 participants per session.
  • Minimum 4 participants per session.
  • Focus on active skills.
  • 4 workshops per calendar month.
  • 90-minutes each session.
  • Individually specific summary of language skills discussed and practiced in each session (In PDF format).
  • Sessions online.


For expat professionals in Switzerland to communicate and connect with their German-speaking clients or colleagues.


  • You, as an expat professional, will be able to:
  • Understand your strengths and weaknesses as an adult language learner.
  • Identify written German content that relates to your field.
  • Extract and understand relevant vocabulary from specialist articles.
  • Extract and understand relevant grammar from specialist articles.
  • Practice pronunciation in a relaxed, safe environment.
  • Use A1 – A2 level German to connect to and guide your clients.
  • Understand B1-C2 level grammar as it arises in context.

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